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Print for sale: Silent NightLooking for inspiration, motivation or encouragement for yourself or others? The Holy Bible is the richest source known to man! Artist Ginny Barnett's objective is to share God's Word in art-form.

Faithfull Calligraphy offers prints of Bible verses and faith penned in calligraphy and accompanied by artwork. The art ranges from simple accents, to complete scenes and paintings. Read the stories behind the designs.

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Print for sale: ShoutInspiring original designs are available as matted prints to fit standard size frames of: 11x14 ($26), 8x10 ($20), and 5x7 ($15). Over 50 designs are available and more to come. Visit the store.

I invite you to visit each page to see various pieces and how God has worked in and through His Word, people and circumstances. This is a picture journal of my adventures with the Lord, each piece being a testimony of God's grace that enables me to do this work. May God bless you as you read His Word, Ginny Barnett.